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Your Lucky Day: Late review of a criminally overlooked thriller

I stumbled onto the "Your Lucky Day" trailer via YouTube suggestions a year or so ago. It grabbed my interest right away. However, it wasn't available just then, so I moved on. I stumbled upon it again on a Netflix and chill night recently and remembered my initial interest. Clicked it, and I am so glad I did. "Your Luck Day" is a criminally overlooked thriller that doesn't let up or waste a second. The film opens with a foiled drug deal introducing us to a low-level dealer. He strolls into a nearly empty corner store with only the clothes on his back. There, he finds a pregnant couple, a store owner and cashier, and a presumably well-off jerk and biggot. That jerk checks his lottery ticket, and it's a winner! 156 million dollars. The opportunity is too much to pass up, and our drug dealer decides to rob the man for the ticket. From there, all hell breaks loose. 

This movie is tense, suspenseful, and violent enough to keep you grounded in the danger at every turn. The themes of luck, fate, and greed are expertly woven into the story, providing a rich and thought-provoking backdrop for the action.

Feel free to IMDB the actors in the film. They are all well cast, and I can't think of a weak link, so there's no reason to highlight one over another. They all bring complexity and depth to their characters. They explore them enough to pull you in but always keep the story moving. Once this movie gets going, which is quick, it never takes its foot off the gas. The direction and storytelling are sharp and precise, and unexpected turns caught me off guard as the story evolves that were sometimes painful but apropos. Truthfully, they had me at anti-hero. I'm a sucker for one. 

"Your Lucky Day" was right on time. The conversations circling what's truly right or wrong, self-interest, greed, necessity, and survival, weave a tapestry that breathes life into what is essentially a heist gone wrong film in a way that is sometimes hard to watch but ultimately fresh and thought-provoking. 

9.7/10 " Truthfully, they had me at anti-hero. I'm a sucker for one."



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